Tumblr2HatenaBlog: Export Your Tumblr to HatenaBlog

This tool will create a HatenaBlog Importable WordPress style XML file from your Tumblr blog, which you can then save and import into HatenaBlog.

Originally by Hao Chen
This version by pastak
GPL v3
Source Code
Tumblr Account .tumblr.com
Exported Content Format

By default, Tumblr posts are output are converted into HTML, just as they would be on your Tumblr blog page.

Permalink Slugs

Here, choose the permalink format for the posts when they are imported into WordPress.

A reliable permalink may allow you to redirect content between your old and new site. Read more.

Export for
Post Options

After a short pause, your browser will download an XML file containing your Tumblr posts, converted for use in WordPress. You should open this file in a text editor to see the instructions on how to import your posts, and also check for any warnings the exporter has generated for your posts. For example, you may need to re-upload audio and image files from your posts.